Owners of sports facilities are faced with the many challenges of optimizing their site to provide the best use and appearance of their entire property. By analyzing the existing site use and creating a future use plan, clients are able to outline a Sports Facility Site Plan. We understand that while all sites and projects have an individual flair, one common theme resonates as the major concern for sports facility owners: the location of key features within a site as well as the relationship or connectivity to other entities. There are several limitations above ground that include: slopes/grading, drainage, spectator/athlete interaction, size of venues, and size of fields/facilities. In addition, there are underground limitations that include: utility availability, electric service, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, gas service, water service, and irrigation. These limitations can be analyzed and included into the current and future plans which can be the blue print to create a Sports Facility Site Plan.

LittleMiamiMasterPlanCropped2Our Sports Facility Site Planning Services Include:

• Programming
• Renderings
• 3-D Model
• Cost estimation
• Existing land use analysis
• Future land use analysis
• Accurate basemap
• Schematic design
• Public presentations

Why a Facility Site Plan?

A Sports Facility Site Plan will provide the owner with a direction or vision of a functional and well thought out facility. The Sports Facility Site Plan can be used for future guidance and avoid unnecessary re-work to ultimately save the owner money.

• We are able to provide clients with personal attention by understanding the importance and uniqueness that each site offers
• With our industry affiliations, we are able to provide knowledgeable experience about new technologies and industry standards as they relate to each site
• Our approach to each facility consists of an analysis of site constraints while taking a realistic approach to provide cost saving ideas