The renovation of the Bill Aker Baseball Complex included the re­moval of the existing natural grass and clay infield, the limestone warning track materi­al, the removal of all foul and home run fencing, and the installation of a new synthetic turf infield, new crushed red brick warning track material, moving the field location, and installation of new fencing. The new infield was pushed approximately 15 feet di­rectly towards centerfield to make more room behind home plate and between the foul lines and the dugouts. Sportworks Field Design designed the synthetic turf field details, curbing details, attachment details, details of the interface with the natural grass outfield, the underdrain and conveyance system, and the new fencing. Special consideration was given to the fence design including post spacing, size, and foundation depth due to the 18’ high portions of the fence in the outfield with a windscreen mount. Additionally, special attention was given to the grading and spot elevations as the new infield loca­tion needed to meet NCAA specifications, provide good drainage, and tie to the fixed constraints of the existing backstop, dugouts, and outfield grass. This project was completed by the SWFD and MSA Architecture design team prior to the 2013 season.