The New Richmond Lions are very excited for their baseball and softball season – with good reason! The district partnered with SHP Leading Design, Sportworks Field Design, and Motz Group to design and install their brand new synthetic baseball and softball infields. No more days of delaying practices and games or having to find alternatives because of muddy infields. No more exorbitant hours of preparing the field after inclement weather. No more exhausting efforts and expensive costs associated with maintaining a natural infield. No more need for harmful pesticides. No more problematic events – it’s time to PLAY BALL!

Two 24/7® Synthetic Turf Systems were installed for New Richmond High School after mounting concerns that their athletic custodian was spending hours getting their fields ready to play on each day. “We look forward to being able to play more of our baseball and softball schedule than what we have been able to in the past because of wet fields” says Doug Foote, Athletic Director for NRHS. “We feel the synthetic turf installed at New Richmond will be as beneficial to our school district and the community as the turf field put on our (football) stadium field was. Job well done.”

Tom Durbin, Superintendent for New Richmond adds “… I was amazed at the sincere and genuine concern from the design team about making sure that every detail was absolutely perfect! It was truly a pleasure to work with them”