The outdoor athletic facility market is a very competitive and fast changing market. Many track manufacturers are constantly researching new technologies to improve their products. Due to the ever changing technologies, owners are overwhelmed with the changes and new products being offered throughout the market. Many clients are not aware of the various types of track and tennis court systems available. Each project should be analyzed to provide the appropriate type of system for its proper use. There are several limitations above ground that include: slopes/grading, drainage, spectator/athlete interaction, size of venues, and size of fields/facilities. In addition, there are underground limitations that include: utility availability, electric service, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, gas service, water service, and irrigation. These limitations can be analyzed and included into the outdoor athletic facility design. The owner’s expectation should be understood to provide a facility that meets and/or exceeds anticipated use.

Outdoor Athletic Facility Design Services Include:

• Renderings
• 3-D Model
• Cost estimation
• Existing land use analysis
• Future land use analysis
• Accurate basemap
• Schematic design
• Public presentations
• Construction documents
• Specifications
• Synthetic track system selection
• Synthetic tennis court system selection
• Permitting
• Construction administration
• Field Reports
• Pay Applications
• Project close-out.

Expert Direction

With the ever changing synthetic surfacing market, we are able to provide our clients with unbiased opinions of products that should be considered for their specific project. We have established relationships with a majority of manufacturers and installers which gives us the ability to help keep the owners informed with the various products offered. Once the products have been selected, we are able to provide necessary documents to obtain storm drainage permit and construction documents for the outdoor athletic facility.


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