Sportworks completes GMAX testing services.What is GMAX Testing?

“GMAX” Testing or Impact Attenuation measures the shock absorption provided by the synthetic turf when impacted by a player’s body, and most importantly, the player’s head. GMAX testing also provides critical data identifying the stability of the surface as a player runs across it. The test is performed in accordance to ASTM Standard F355-A.  The test result, or GMAX value, is a ratio of the maximum deceleration from the synthetic turf field experience during an impact compared to the normal rate of acceleration due to gravity. The GMAX test result will identify if a field is exhibiting poor impact attenuation performance.

Why Should You Perform This Test?

It is recommended that a synthetic turf field be tested for impact attenuation annually.  A GMAX test can help detect early signs of premature wear or an inadequate maintenance program.  Simply put, this test can greatly assist in creating safer field conditions for the athletic participants.  The resulting information from GMAX testing is often used in court proceedings and can assist in limiting the owner’s liability from potential player injury related lawsuits.